FD Chaplain Services, Inc. is an organization whose primary purpose is to provide spiritual care and comfort to members of the fire service and other first responder agencies, their families, and victims of emergency and crisis incidents. FD Chaplain Services, Inc. provides educational programs and training to support the physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial well-being for members of the fire service and other first responder agencies, and their families. FD Chaplain Services, Inc. is a Christian organization that provides care and comfort to all regardless of their faith.


501 (c)(3) Tax-EXempt Status

The Florida State Fire College has awarded 16 ceu’s for Florida Fire Inspectors and Fire Service instructors for completion of “essentials of fire chaplaincy”


Firefighting is one of the most hazardous occupations in the world. Firefighters put themselves at risk to save lives and protect property every day. The brave men and women in the fire service face many challenges while protecting our communities. They are well trained to deal with any emergency they may face. Department personnel respond to diverse types of calls including structure and vehicle fires, medical emergencies, technical rescue and hazardous material incidents. The inherent risks associated with the job also increase the incidence of cancer and physical strain on their bodies. The emotional and psychological  cumulative stress increases the risk of PTSD and death by suicide. As a result of job related stress, family relationships are also susceptible to strain and devastation. Firefighters and other first responders also face the same challenges and life stress as those in less hazardous lines of work.

Tragedy can strike at any time of day or night. Emergency calls often involve infants and the aged. No one is exempt. The victims and families of fire, accident, and medical emergencies face the worst day of their life. The grief of one who has just lost a spouse or a child is overwhelming. A family who has suffered the total loss of their home to fire faces incredible emotional, financial, and practical challenges. 

The work of the Fire Chaplain provides a vital service to members of the fire service and those they serve. Help us in our mission to provide excellent Chaplain services by clicking on the secure  "Donate Now" link below. Please explore the various pages of this site to see what's going on. 

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